Zheng’an   The land of white tea in China.

Pure air  pure water  pure soil


Zheng’an White Inspires Imagination

Pugui, as one of the white tea brands from Zheng’an, it is a prized tea like a jade derived from a wonderful land. Given the rareness of this green tea being white and pure like an uncut jade stone, drawing essence from the heaven and earth, it is an elixir of celestial bodies. In China, jade is the symbol of gentleman’s virtue, and as pure and white as it is, Zheng’an White tea means lofty virtue. 


Zheng’an White Comes as a Prized Tea

As far-away as it is from densely populated cities, Zheng’an is considered to be a “retreat away from the world”. Given its low latitude, high elevation, more cloudy days and moderate sunshine, unique mountainous land, exceptional vegetation and un-duplicated soil, Zheng’an comes as a wonderful place for tea bushes to grow and yield the rare white tea. 


Zheng’an White Earns Soaring Praise

Tea, drawing anima and essence from wonderful hills, mountain spring, celestial dews, bright moon and white cloud in the sky, is highly prized by the tea drinkers, tea masters, scholars, artists, poets and common people in China as a gift from God to human beings. Mr. Kan Tai-keung, a contemporary artist is attracted to Zheng’an, aiming to present Zheng’an Pugui tea in a way that an artist may imagine, we are anticipating what a unique masterpiece will be made by him.

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Zheng’an White Comes as a Wholesome Tea



Is the white tea white tea tree in clonal seed bud leaf as raw material, using the traditional Green Tea processing technology, combined with modern tea mechanism, explore innovative unique processing technology

Origin: Guizhou. Zunyi is.



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